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With an Emphasis on Sports & Performance
  • If you want an AMAZING Chiropractor that really cares about your well being and can fix your problems, Dr Justin Cronk is your man. I came to him with headaches that I woke up to everyday. Knee and hip pain that made it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping/sitting position and walking even 15 minutes was very painful. Also I had nagging back pain that had me using my heating pad or ice every time I sat down. Since seeing him I sleep better and don’t wake up with headaches, in fact I rarely ever have a headache. My knee and hip pain is gone. I’m now walking 30 minutes 3 times a day and adding intervals of running. My back pain is all gone!! I’m a new and VERY grateful person. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Dr Cronk!

    Cori K.


  • For 8 years I’ve had a nagging tightness and sometimes moderate pain in my right hip after a fall while playing hockey. On my first visit to The Chiro Fix, Justin said that would be gone. Today. Riiiiiiight, I thought. Two minutes involving a safety belt from a car (I think), and it’s gone. I feel like a new person on the bike, running, sleeping, walking…. a HUGE thank you, Justin.

    Gina C.

    Iron Man Finisher

  • Justin has been amazing for me. I have edema in my legs, and I have seen him three times in two weeks with great results. The injury on my leg is seriously reduced, and my legs are working better than they have in a long time. I’m not going to say that the treatments are pleasant because they have been very painful, but it is worth the momentary discomfort for the great results! Additionally, Justin is a great human being, and I enjoy our visits.

    Alice S.


  • We cannot say enough about Dr. Justin!!! My husband and I have been going to him for cupping and adjustments and all we can say is that he is amazing. He takes the time to chat and find out the details of what is going on and sets a plan and executes! My husband had been in severe pain after falling in a hole this summer and as a result ended up limping around in pain since May. After a few cupping sessions with Justin, he is at 95% and walking without a limp and NO pain!! We had never tried cupping before, but after a referral from our daughter who had gone, we thought we would give it a try, especially since he had already tried other methods to relieve the pain such as a cortisone shot and everything else under the sun. We are incredibly grateful for Justin, cupping and his practice!!!

    Renee L.

  • I have had neck and upper back pain for most of my life, and have sought out many different chiropractors, massage and stretching exercises. After only five sessions with Dr. Justin, I have almost zero symptoms and more mobility than I have had in years. Not only does he take time to talk to you, but he applies multi-faceted techniques and coaches you in therapeutic exercises to facilitate effective and long-lasting healing. I am so grateful I was referred to ChiroFix!

    Jessica R.


  • This was perhaps one of the best chiropractic visits I’ve had . I thought my evaluation was very thorough and treatments were something I’ve never had before but we’re very effective . I’m finally look forward to my next visit instead of the typical band aid effect I’ve had many times before. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed

    Nick H.

    Golf Pro

  • Dr. Cronk is awesome! My daughter recommended him to me months ago but I decided to stick with my orthopedist and physical therapist for my sore shoulders. Eight weeks of pt and my therapist sent me back to the orthopedist because the pain was increasing. Dr Cronk was literally my last resort before a cortisone shot, which I avoid as much as possible because of the nasty side effects I experience. In two months of treatment with Dr. Cronk my shoulder issues have been resolved and now he’s helping me deal with low back and hip issues that have also nagged me for years. He is so patient and encouraging, his attitude towards helping you work through therapy is so refreshing. He never makes you feel like you can’t do it. I was afraid to see him back in June 2018 and now I wish I hadn’t wasted three months before giving him a chance.

    Ellen C.


  • The care I receive at TheChiroFix is exemplary; Dr. Justin Cronk is a boon to the field of PT. His eye for detail and strong understanding of biomechanics compound effectively as he delivers treatment in a manner that puts me at ease. During each appointment, I feel like I’m his only focus for the duration of the visit, and I always leave feeling physically improved and well-cared-for. He is also clearly passionate for what he does, and in this patient’s opinion, that puts him above the rest.

    Blake B.


  • I’ve been in need of finding great Chiropractic care for quite some time, but have never found one who I fully trust or one who won’t try to sell me a bunch of supplements and extras. Right from the start I felt like Dr Cronk was an honest and intelligent doctor with deep knowledge on how the body works and how to fix my issues. He diagnosed a broken bone on me when my physician missed it in X-Rays and due to his persistence I was able to fully recover and get back into the CrossFit Gym. He has also been able to help me gain mobility levels in my shoulders and ankles that I have been missing for years. He is an expert in Cupping and Scraping (not sure if those are the technical words) which have helped me tremendously. I have never felt better. I am definitely a regular patient in the future and highly recommend him.

    Kelly S.

    CrossFit Enthusiast

  • Excellent! Dr. Cronk has a different approach to treatment than most chiropractors and uses soft tissue work and exercises, not just spinal adjustments, to help your body heal from pain and injuries. If you’ve been to other chiropractors and haven’t gotten results I highly recommend making a visit here!

    Tyler S.

    Small Business Owner/CrossFitter

  • My first visit there was awesome. I’ve seen another chiro the past 8 years for other issues but love that this office has more of a physical therapy approach. Justin was very thorough during my appointment and knowledgeable about the body and how everything works together. Very impressed and cannot wait to continue new types of treatments here.

    Kayla S.

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