Dr. Justin Cronk is a chiropractor and a 2013 graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University. He, along with his wife (also a chiropractor) opened up the ChiroFix in Otsego, MN in January 2018.
Dr. Cronk is an Iraq Veteran and became interested in working in healthcare after spending much of his deployment in Iraq (2003 – 2004) working in a combat support hospital in Baghdad which was later featured in the HBO documentary “Baghdad ER”.
Dr. Cronk utilizes the analysis of movement and muscle imbalances to form a basis of treatment. He takes pride in an evidence-based approach to treatment employing a variety of treatment modalities that go way above and beyond the typical practice of chiropractic (which generally focuses on spinal alignment and the utilization of adjustments as a primary treatment method). Much of his treatment approaches have been tailored specifically for the needs of CrossFit athletes and he has been involved in dozens of CrossFit competitions.
Dr. Cronk is also a father of three wonderful kids and also has a baby on the way! In his spare time, he enjoys working out, playing guitar and recording music, and reading.


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