We believe that faulty biomechanics are a major cause of musculoskeletal pain in the body. For example, people with low back pain tend to have weak glutes as well as overactive quads and hip flexors – so bio-mechanically speaking, they may exhibit poor hip extension and have hip instability as well as a whole host of other movement faults. These particular patients often complain of low back pain, IT band syndrome, knee or hip pain, and zero clues they no longer move well. So we figure it out. And together, we fix it.

Also, people with upper back pain tend to have shoulder instability, overactive pecs & upper traps, and scapular dyskinesis (just a fancy word for they don’t move right)… If you don’t know what this means, never fear; we will address this issue with specific rehabilitative exercises. This includes everything from learning to walk correctly to executing a flawless deadlift – whether your 10 or 110, there is always room to improve how you move (hey, that rhymes).